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The origins of this business started with zany photos of our doodles. We both have F1, standard goldendoodles that love to play together. Jack is independent, yet social, very intelligent and has a great demeanor. Lucy, on the other hand, is timid, compassionate, easily entertained and loves to hear laughter. Doodles at the Lake

Doodles are very photogenic with their wild hair, great stature, and the depth and intensity you see in their eyes. Jack loves to please so with a treat or two he’ll pose and wear one of those goofy seasonal hats you find at any retail store. During one such photo opportunity, Lucy decided that she’d partake in some of that action and attention too. Presto, instant greeting cards! We would send these cards out, take photos to work for our office, hang pictures on the wall at home and friends, family and co-workers would say, “You’re in the wrong line of work”.

Together, we have created a site for doodle lovers and anyone who just loves dogs. We put together the photos and created a doodle calendar and note cards in addition to a variety of quality, durable and unique toys, treats and bones, cleaning products, and gift ideas. Our popular gift collections or as we refer to them, gift bowls are assembled for all occasions for every size deserving dog. Every item available has been hand selected and approved by Jack or Lucy. Oh yes, in this canine run business we do animal testing but only the fun kind. There is something for everyone who loves a dog or knows someone who does.

We hope you find our site enjoyable and informative.